These days, people across your business are consuming APIs. After all, who doesn’t want to embed a cool piece of content to make their website or mobile app more appealing, more informative or more useful?

Overusing third-party APIs, though, can lead to overspending. That’s why you need API management and a single point of control of API consumption. With Software AG’s solution powered by webMethods CloudStreams, you’ll gain complete insight into how your enterprise uses third-party APIs. You will know:

  • Who is using SaaS APIs
  • How many times an API is called
  • If you’re excessively consuming usage-limited APIs
  • What providers and APIs are used the most
  • When transactions were sent

You’ll get the same kind of visibility and performance management for SaaS apps as you’re accustomed to for on-premises applications. Plus, by using caching and compression, you can call APIs less often to lower your spending and avoid budget going down the drain.

So control the flow! Govern the volume of data and transactions flowing through outside APIs with our API consumption solution.

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