OpenLegacy’s API Software for API Integration & Management revolutionizes the way core legacy and on-premise systems are extended to create web, cloud or mobile innovations .

Our microservices approach cuts through layers of complexity to automate and accelerate the way API integration and management is done.


    • Automated generation of internal and external APIs from various sources
    • Immediate external API publication
    • Generation of API clients for 50+ types of back-end systems
    • Custom templates for full control of code generation
    • Can be quickly customized for proprietary back ends using connectors SDK
    • Automation and testing aligns well with agile and DevOps practices


  • Microservices deliver modern agile architecture without making changes to legacy systems
  • Uses standard Java stack: Eclipse, Tomcat, Maven, Spring, Swagger, JPA, Jersey
  • Flexible for any additional Java software stack. e.g. Jenkins, Nexus, any 3rd party libraries
  • Easy, automated and standard deployment to J2EE, Docker, AWS, etc.
  • Out of the box publishing as REST, Java SDK, web services
  • Designed for any skill level, standard Java skills needed for customization


  • Compliant with all security standards
  • Security for both architecture and identity
  • Java code is inherently strong-type security
  • Supports OAuth2, OLAP and LDAP
  • Data-masking offers granular control over exposed data



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