What is API Management?

API management is the process of building secure APIs, publishing them for reusability, and deploying them in a scalable environment. AMPLIFY API Management lets you create APIs from cloud and on-premise services, publish them to a marketplace, and enable self-service consumption while controlling access and use. Embedded analytics provides the right measuring tools to ensure your digital success and the API gateway sits in front of APIs acting as a protector, enforcing security and ensuring scalability and high availability.

Accelerate digital business with API management

 Build APIs
Build APIs

Quickly build sophisticated APIs and deploy them at scale

  • Rapidly create APIs to access enterprise resources
  • Simply orchestrate and mediate APIs to deliver specific business value
  • Enable business teams to unlock enterprise digital value
 Manage APIs
Manage APIs

Manage, secure, and govern APIs and data delivery across the organization

  • Meet complex enterprise and industry security requirements
  • Hundreds of pre-built security policies speed up development efforts
  • Data transformation policies enable data governance
 Analyze APIs
Analyze APIs

Analyze the success of your digital efforts with business level metrics and end-to-end visibility

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Operational, developer, or business metrics
  • Trend analysis and predictive analytics
 Extend APIs
Extend APIs

Extend your digital ecosystem to increase innovation and the value of digital initiatives

  • Increase API consumption with a developer portal
  • Enable real-time app innovations with streaming data APIs
  • Unified catalog integrates APIs and iPaaS connectors helps collaboration across business silos


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